Chinatown Revitalization Plan

The Chinatown Revitalization Plan represents nearly three years of extensive work guided by dedicated Chinatown stakeholders who helped develop its content including dozens of specific actions and policies. As with all the Salinas' planning efforts, public input was critical and participation from property owners, businesses, service providers and the general public, was vital in ensuring the process was reflective and inclusive of the community. The resulting plan communicated the collective vision, goals and desires of Chinatown residents, property and buisness owners and community stakeholders. Community recommendations, which evolved into Goals, Policies and Actions are the "heart" of the Revitalization Plan and will inform the update of the City's General Plan, anticipated to begin early 2020.

This Plan is not the first community planning effort undertaken to stimulate Chinatown's revitalization. The 2007 and 2010 community planning efforts also sought to address identified opportunities and challenges and implement proposed solutions to revitalize Chinatown and restore its unique historical and cultural identity. Many of the recommendations of these past plans have been re-incorporated into the 2019 plan. However, since the plans were developed, the primary plan implementor, the Salinas Redevelopment Agency was eliminated, necessitating the development of a new plan. This new plan will support the social, environmental and economic health of Salinas' historic Chinatown district and adjacent neighborhood to the north east of Chinatown, across from Sherwood Drive. The strategies, recommendations, and concepts developed through this planning process will guide both future private, public, and social investment. Short and long-term strategies will help identify priorities that will support City staff and partners in proactively managing neighborhood land and resources. As with all Salinas planning efforts, public input is critical and participation in vitally needed from business, service providers and the public.

For more information, please contact Luis Ochoa at the City of Salinas: or (831) 758-7338