Lead Me Home

Lead Me Home
As the administrative entity of the Lead Me Home (LMH) Continuum of Care (CoC), the Coalition of Homeless Services Providers partnered with Focus Strategies, the City of Salinas, the County of Monterey, and County of San Benito. The LMH CoC goal is to reduce Homelessness by 50% through its 5 Year-Plan through the following efforts: assessing the homelessness response system, reporting on key findings, holding public listening sessions, and interviewing key stakeholders. 


The LMH Leadership Council serves as Monterey and San Benito Counties’ CoC governing board. In accordance with the Continuum of Care Governance Charter, the Leadership Council is composed of 12 appointed seats that are not subject to term limits to ensure continuity and commitment from key stakeholders needed to address homelessness. The City Mayor sits on the Lead Me Home Leadership Council, in addition, our Planning Manager and Homeless Services Department attend and participate in all CoC Coordination Meetings.  


Role and Responsibilities of Leadership Council: 

  • Review and approve policy recommendations made by the CoC lead agency - CHSP 

  • Review and approve funding recommendations; 

  • Set local priorities; 

  • Problem solve and coordinate among local jurisdictions; and 

  • Oversee the adoption and execution of the 5-Year Plan to Reduce Homelessness 

5-year Action Plan – Lead Me Home Plan *July 2021 through June 2026 

  • Goals and Measures to Track Progress 

  • Increase participation in Homelessness Solutions by Leaders and Key Stakeholders from Across the Region 

  • Improve the Performance of the Homelessness Response System 

  • Expand Service-Oriented Responses to Unsheltered Homelessness 

  • System and Project Performance Targets 


1. Homeless Reduction Target 


2. Program Performance Targets  


3. Housing Targets 



Additional Information on the Lead Me Home Plan can be found here: Lead Me Home Plan - The Coalition of Homeless Service Providers (chsp.org)