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Developers can find additional resources and contact information on this page. The City of Salinas works to support the development of affordable housing of various types, and we have created multiple tools and resources to assist you with the process. 

City of Salinas Strategic Plan: 

Housing/Affordable Housing 

"Pursue housing options for residents of all income levels, including the unsheltered, that is safe and secure"

2022 - 2025 Strategies:

  • Pursue housing development opportunities that align with the City’s adopted specific plans
  • Preserve affordable housing
  • Evaluate updates to the inclusionary housing ordinance
  • Partner with public and nonprofit agencies to offer housing to the unsheltered
  • Examine the Rent Stabilization Plan
  • Implement the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) plan
  • Explore options for Tiny Homes communities
  • Identify opportunities for workforce, low-income, and farm worker housing
  • Increase funding to programs to allow seniors to live independently
  • Encourage transit-oriented housing development