Permanent Supportive Housing

Homekey is an opportunity for state, regional, and local public entities to develop a broad range of housing types, including but not limited to hotels, motels, hostels, single-family homes and multifamily apartments, adult residential facilities, manufactured housing, and to convert commercial properties and other existing buildings to permanent or interim housing for the target population.

Step Up will operate the Salinas Homekeys using the "Housing First" model to minimize barriers to entry into permanent supportive housing. As a Permanent Supportive Housing provider in California, Florida and Georgia, they bring experience in serving those most in-need and a commitment to the Housing First approach to keeping individuals housed while they improve their independent living skills.


Additional information on Homekey Awards can be found here: Homekey Round 2 Awardee List (


Family Homelessness Challenge Grants and Technical Assistance Program provides competitive grants and technical assistance to local jurisdictions to promote rapid innovation, accelerate nascent programs, and expand promising practices to create scalable solutions that can be shared across the state to address and ultimately end family homelessness.

Minimally, and dependent upon the actual properties purchased, the project will ultimately place 3-5 families of up to 6 individuals in existing homes and provide coordinated care support.


Additional information on Family Homeless Challenge Awards can be found here