Parking Citations

Contest a Notice of Parking Violation (Citation)

Notices of Parking Violation are issued by the LAZ Parking. If you wish to contest a Notice of Parking Violation, you must follow the procedures outlined in this document. If you wish to pay your citation, you can do so by going on-line to Parking Management Bureau.

Please note: There are no provisions under law to conduct administrative reviews or administrative hearings if statutory time limits for filing are not met. If the time frames outlined below are not met, all parking penalties and late fees must be paid.

Step 1.Administrative Review Process

Within 21 days after issuance of a Notice of Parking Violation or within 14 days from the mailing of a Notice of Delinquent Parking Violation, you may appeal the Notice of Parking Violation on-line at Parking Management Bureau.

You will receive notification from the Parking Management Bureau whether your request for appeal is approved or denied. If your Request for Citation Review is denied, you may request an Administrative Hearing

Step 2.Administrative Hearing Process

An Administrative Hearing provides you the opportunity to contest a Notice of Parking Violation after an Administrative Review. (40200.7 CVC)

To obtain an Administrative Hearing you must request it within 21 days of the determination of the Administrative Review (first level). To request an Administrative Hearing, you must contact Parking Management Bureau at (800) 700-4417 or by returning the form included with the determination of the Administrative Review.

Step 3.Court Review

To request a court review you must, within 30 days of mailing of the Hearing Examiner’s decision, file a request for review with the Monterey County Municipal Court. (40230(b) CVC)

To request a Court appeal, you must contact the Parking Management Bureau at (800)700-4417. The Court requires a $25.00 filing fee to process an appeal.

The court receives and reviews the file of the Administrative Review and the Administrative Hearing. The reviewer renders a decision and notifies the appellant (you).