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If you do not have access to ArcGIS or want more information on the various ways you can access the data provided please refer to the data use instructions(PDF, 364KB). Or watch our Map Gallery How-to.

Quick Data Use Instructions

Below is a list of map resources for the City of Salinas. To view a map online or to download a PDF, click the 'find out more' link. To narrow your results, use the filters at left of this page. Most of the maps have clickable areas that display additional information such as the legend located in the upper left hand corner of each map. Please download and read our GIS disclaimer(PDF, 99KB)

Data on this site is provided as Open Data and can be freely used, modified and shared by anyone for any purpose. Please download and read our Open Data license.

If you wish to download this data and are using ArcCatalog/ArcMap:

    1. Launch ArcCatalog;
    2. Under "GIS Servers" in the explorer window on the left, double click on "Add WMS Server" to open the Add WMS address in the URL text box.
    3. Copy and Paste the Web Map Service (WMS) provided on the dataset page you wish to view.
    4. Click on the "Get Layers" button to view it in ArcCatalog.
    5. Click on the "OK" button to add the connection and view it in ArcCatalog. After this you will see the connection under "GIS Servers."
    6. This WMS connection will now also be available in ArcMap under "GIS Servers" through the ArcCatalog viewer.
    7. Drag the data from the ArcCatalog viewer into ArcMap.