Salinas Municipal Airport

Airport Terminal

Salinas Municipal Airport has become a leading destination for business aviation on the California Central Coast. Conveniently located 5 minutes from downtown Salinas, 25 minutes from the Monterey Bay area, and 45 minutes from Silicon Valley, many visitors choose Salinas because of ease of access, and bottom-line savings. Our roots have grown deep and wide, allowing us to effectively serve general aviation as our primary customer base.

With complete landing and navigation systems for all-weather conditions, restaurant and catering amenities, conference and business meeting facilities, airframe, power plant and refinishing services, the Salinas Municipal Airport is a first-class destination that is handling the rapidly growing business aviation demands of our region. Salinas has uncongested airspace, complete local political support, no noise mitigation problems, and room for expansion.

Easily handling our 80,000 annual flight operations, this tower-controlled field provides immediate entry into the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay area, Monterey Bay, Carmel Valley, Pebble Beach, Big Sur, and the Salinas Valley. Welcome to the beautiful California Central Coast, a place we call home.

Drone Operations


Did you just buy a new drone or already have a drone, but don't know what the proper procedures are for operating it because you live near the airport?

Well, operating your drone is a simple procedure, depending on the drone's mission. First, you have to make sure that your drone is registered through the website of the Federal Administration of Aviacion (FAA) called FAA DroneZone. If you want to use your drone for business opportunities or for some kind of compensation in return, then the operator would need to obtain or have a Remote Pilot License, also known as a "Part 107 License". If you wish to fly your drone for recreational use (refer to FAA on their definition of recreational use), then you do not need to have a 'Part 107 License' to operate your drone.

Now to fly your drone, the FAA must grant you authorization through the LAANC system or the FAA DroneZone website and fly with some restrictions as there may be aircraft in the area. As Salinas Municipal Airport is a Class 'D' classified airport and the Air Traffic Control Tower grants authorizations from the ground surface up to 2499 feet of medium sea level (MSL). The operator is required to have a two-way radio communication device that is able to monitor nearby traffic and communicate with the Air Traffic Control Tower/Aerial Traffic. If you need additional information, at the sites below you will have more information about flying drones or you can contact the Airport Administration Office for further assistance.

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Salinas Municipal Airport Master Plan



The Salinas Municipal Airport is in the process of updating its master plan, a document that guides the development of an airport to keep up with the aviation demand within a 20-year period. Throughout the master plan process, the airport will be publishing documents the documents down below as well as any upcoming meetings. 

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